Blog First Entry

I am the child of immigrants who migrated to New York City for the opportunities to improve the quality of life for themselves, their family and their future children. I am the child who was raised in the United States of America by immigrants who didn’t know the language but whose dream was to call America their home.

I am the product of a world where my immigrant parents didn’t understand my American culture. I always knew I was living a unique experience which shaped my values, my passion and my vision today.

I have never fit in a box and even though I felt a void growing up, today I am learning to embrace and celebrate me and my voice. I believe we can have whatever we want as long as we put our hearts and mindset to work as one.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and most important a mother. I am also a woman who expresses herself as a she/ her. I am a believer in nurturing the ones who seek to be nurtured, in healing the ones who look for healing, in accompanying the ones who look for company and in listening to the ones who need to express themselves. What you see is what you get because I only know how to be transparent being who I am with no filters.

In 2007 I commenced my path in motherhood. I knew what I wanted because of the women courses I completed in college. When I birthed my son a woman full of trauma was born. Trauma which shooked my core. My unconscious mind had to suppress the trauma in order for me to function to the best of my ability as a mother. I swore to never become so vulnerable in my life again because I was unable to protect myself. Years passed until I was ready to share my story, with a midwife I seeked. She named my trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. I a mental health practitioner at the time was dumbfounded that I never recognized it because I was in it so deep. The trauma gave me so much shame and guilt. I was embarrassed to share my feelings with others because I also loved my son. Motherhood was bittersweet and I believed I was alone in my feelings.

A new love and passion was born through my pain. I wanted to love, nurture, support and validate all the women like me whose wing was hurt, whose petals were browned, whose voice was silenced through their hurt and isolation. I wanted to become a choice for the women who felt unseen, unheard, without choices, isolated, invalidated and silenced by trauma.

My journey has begun and has brought me here. Welcome to our journey together. We have crossed paths on this webpage because we are a part of the revolution and we are sisters from different mamas walking hand in hand taking our bodies back and taking control of our choices in womanhood and motherhood. Welcome to WaHi Doula!